How To Enable WordPress Advanced Editor Features

WordPress TinyMCE editor, aka WordPress visual editor, provides very minimal editing options by default. There are no options to choose font family, font size or even create a nice list. Though that serves the purpose, but not enough for some users who compose their posts directly in the WordPress editor. In that case, a WordPress advanced editor with tons of extra options and features comes handy. Here is how you can enable WordPress advanced editor and add features to suite your needs.

WordPress advanced editor can be enabled using TinyMCE Advanced. It’s a free WordPress plugin that uses 15 different addons for TinyMCE to enhance the existing options as well as add extra features. With WordPress advanced editor, you can select font family, font size, text indent and a lot more options that default editor doesn’t provide.

WordPress Advanced Editor
WordPress Advanced Editor

Enabling WordPress Advanced Editor

Like all other plugins from WordPress plugin repository, you can install and activate TinyMCE Advanced from your WordPress admin panel. After activating, the plugin automatically transform the default editor to advanced by enabling core TinyMCE options. You can, however, fully customize the editor and have buttons added or removed.

TinyMCE Advanced automatically enables the core TinyMCE toolbar containing several useful options, much like MS Word. Other buttons can easily be added or removed from setting page by simple drag and drop. Here is a list of features that we use regularly.

  • Source Code
  • Code
  • Table
  • Text Background Color
  • Text Indent
  • Subscript & Superscript
  • Emoticons
  • Formats
  • Find and Replace

These are just a few, a lot more can be enabled from settings page.

Customizing WordPress Advanced Editor

Customizing TinyMCE Advanced is super easy. The settings page allows you to drag in the buttons you want use and drag out the ones you don’t. The user options lets you choose between normal list styles and advanced list styling (including Circle, Disk, Square, Alpha, Greek and Roman). It also let’s you change the context menu (right click menu) to something like MS Word and change the font size unit from pt to px.

Advanced options lets you keep paragraph <p></p> and line break tag <br> within editor, making advanced formatting easier. If you have an editor-style.css file present, the plugin will automatically import it to preview how your post going to look like in fronted.

Administration settings have an option to Import/Export all your TinyMCE settings including customization, also you can set not to enable the WordPress advanced editor in other areas of your blog (like secondary editors and fronted editors).

The TinyMCE Advanced is a powerful plugin to convert and enhance basic WordPress visual editor to WordPress advanced editor. Since it loads only on back-end (if you choose not enable in fronted), it doesn’t affect your site in any bad way. All you get a self sufficient, feature rich full WYSIWYG editor. You will not going to need any third party text editor once you get used to it.


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